8888 Uniquely Hand-Designed NFTs

Meditation Made Easy
Sacred Geometry Animations with
Chakra Frequency Music
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  • Easily Induce Deep Meditation

  • NFTs Grant Access to Free Wellness Activations

  • Free Access to Yoga and Meditation

  • Entrance to Supportive Community Spaces

A Multi-Sensory Stimulating NFT Experience

  • Brain Hemisphere Synchronization

  • Improve Mood, Memory and Cognition

  • Promote Physical Healing

  • Expand Mental Projections




  • Owners receive immediate inherent value from hypnotic visual and auditory stimulation with access to the Yog8 DAO community

  • 365 Positive Intentions Audio-Enhanced Ebook

  • 10 Tips for a Positive Mental Shift

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All NFT holders receive lifetime exclusive access to inclusive community spaces, Yoga Retreat upgrades, discounts and VIP events.

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YOG8 DAO is a Digital Health DAO Infusing Humanity into the Metaverse.

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Access to Yog8 DAO A global platform to connect with Yoga and meditation teachers and holistic healers

Star Blooms

Star Blooms

Seeds of Life

Seeds of Life

Flower and Lotus

Flower and Lotus

One-time Yoga Boss NFT purchase means infinite access, with no recurring fees

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You control your NFT to use it or sell it at your discretion.

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Ownership of YOGA BOSS NFTs offer the ability to receive benefits and added value after your purchase.



Five Leaf Clover

Five Leaf Clover

Quadra Flowers

Quadra Flowers

No other yoga offering gives you this power

Rather than just renting a temporary experience from a Yoga studio, YOGA BOSS NFTs include lifetime Infinite Access


In a world where mental health is mandatory, we need tools that immediately inspire a positive mental shift.

Five Petal

Five Petal



Flowers Blooming

Flowers Blooming


One Moment in Meditation immediately impacts our emotional state.

Every moment of peace is priceless.

  • Multi-sensory stimulating sacred geometry Fibonacci sequence patterns,

  • energetic audio frequencies

  • visual color vibrations

  • induce a calming meditative state that enhances emotional well-being through energetic spiritual and physical balance for holistic mental health.

Chakras are energy centers described in the Vedas

Chakra literally means wheel and the circulation of energy. The alignment and balance of our Chakras reveal our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

Every Yoga Boss NFT incorporates the visually stimulating Chakra colors and sacred geometry symbols to regulate and balance the energy centers of the body.

Chakras run from the base of the spine to the crown of the head and pulse with energy indicating the well-being of the body? organs, consciousness, emotional state, and overall health and wellness.

Our ancestors understood that any blockage of energy flow through any one of the Chakras would lead to spiritual, emotional, and physical imbalance and dis-ease in the body and distress in the mind.

Numerous Scientific Studies Show That Binaural Beats


Improve cognition and critical thinking skills


Increase long-term memory


Enhance creativity and work performance


Decrease anxiety and stress


Improving sleep patterns

Fibonacci Sequence Patterns

Amplify our connection to the spiritual significance of our existence

Affirm the harmony that exists in every aspect of nature.


The Golden Ratio exists in every living entity from flowers and leaves to the human body.


Yoga Boss NFT? illustrate the divine synchronicity of proportions and lines of energy existing in nature and life events. 


Evidence of the power we possess in the present moment to actively determine our destiny in the sacred space of now.

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Purchase or earn (through service-based offerings) a minimum of 1 NFT to gain 188 $YOG8 tokens.

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Frequently Asked Questions


A unique digital receipt, in this case spiritually significant artwork, that you can buy, trade, or sell. The Yoga Boss NFT is a ticket to access additional experiences like Yoga classes, products like the audio-enhanced Ebook, community events and discounts for Yoga Retreats around the world.

Your Yoga Boss NFT is a rare piece of art that also gives you access to experiences and products that you already enjoy in real life.


Don? worry! We will guide you through the process with the same love and care we invest in guiding you through your Yoga practice.

We don? want you to miss out on the greatest community connection innovation that has ever happened since the invention of the internet. If you are new to Web3 or haven? set up a MetaMask wallet yet, follow the steps in the tutorial.

Access to the $YOG8 DAO inclusive community spaces offering holistic health services and physical mobility practices.